I was trying to figure out how I could help actors. So many actors are not ready for a Talent Manager or Talent Agent. They think they are… so they submit to us, but they don’t have the experience or what it takes to get signed yet. With so many

actors to choose from nowadays Managers and Agents are always going to pick the most prepared people.

But where does that leave every one else?

I thought about all of the submissions I have received over the years from actors who are seeking representation something like 50 submissions a week, for the past 6 years which is approximately 15,600 actors. I have ignored most of them because their materials were not good enough, or the things they are saying in their cover letters sound so desperate it’s an immediate turn off. Just by the words they are using I can tell how green they are and they have absolutely no idea how this business works. Whenever Reps see that it is a definite no.

We open their submissions MOST of the time we see terrible demo reels, poorly formatted resumes filled with training that no one would recognize. Actors don’t submit properly created online profiles and their cover letters reek of desperation and amateurism. 99% of submissions we receive get a NO. It hurts my feelings every time I say no to an actor.

I know for certain with the RIGHT information these actors who submit unsuccessfully could go work on their materials and come back stronger and more qualified for representation, and this is important to me because I want every one of you to succeed.

I see myself in them, in all of you. I remember when I was you and I wanted so much to be a singer and be on TV and hear myself on the radio. But like you, I had no idea how to start, what to do or who could help me. I had to learn everything myself by trial and error. I spent 10 years learning how the business works as an Agent and then as a Manager. I got a record deal and sang on over 50+ CDs, performed around the world and appeared in many TV shows and Films…just like I dreamed! I travelled the world, bought expensive cars, Every person should have the chance to fulfill their dreams. It feels amazing.

I hear your passion in your cover letters and how deeply you want to be taken seriously. I hear you asking to be seen. I WANT you to have that chance. But I know

that with the lousy package most actors are submitting to us you aren’t going to be able to get anyone to take you seriously, and that honestly makes me sad. I just can’t accept that!

Also, I know that Agents and Managers are too busy to take the time to teach actors what they need to know, especially actors who are NOT their clients. And I know that acting schools are busy teaching people “​how to act​” but not how to manage the business and build their careers. I know this because many of the lousy submissions we get are from people who have an MFA in Theater! Besides, acting teachers are not qualified to teach to ​Business of Acting unless they were previously Talent Agents or Managers.

So every time I look at a submission and throw it in the trash my heart breaks a little and I want to stop time and help EVERY actor FIX every mistake so they can have a real chance at success in this business. But that is impossible with 40 clients of my own, I have no time to address every single inadequate submission I get and fix them. Nor do I have enough hours in the days to fix all of the terrible submissions all of my Manager and Agent friends are getting.

So, I came up with a solution.

I created an online training course that would address all of the mistakes actors are making in their careers and help them prepare an OUTSTANDING PACKAGE, one that would knock an Agent or Managers socks off! The course would teach actors how to FIX or PREPARE their headshots, resumes, demo reels, and cover letters so every actor can present amazing materials to Reps and become a more desirable candidate for representation. And not only that, but give every actor a solid understanding of the audition process, not only how to get auditions… but how to book ​them. Plus… teach each of you how to meet more casting directors and not come off desperate or needy because nothing turns off a casting director more.

Going through so many submissions, I also have noticed how quickly actors give up trying to get representation from us. As soon as they get a no, they move on to some one else – which teaches me that many actors have no idea how to build relationships, court an Agent or Manager and turn a “no” into a yes. They are using

the “​let me send my package out to 50 reps and see who responds”​ method – which doesn’t work very well.

And most importantly, I wanted to teach you valuable actors how to get your career started ​without an Agent or Manager, ​anywhere in the world- in whatever city, state or country you are in ​so you can build up some legitimate experience and make yourselves more desirable and more marketable – and even get YOURSELF on TV and Film without a rep if you want to. I want a WIN for every actor which I why I created The Hollywood Winners Circle.

I wanted the Hollywood Winners Circle to make you independent and strong, a working actor whether you have representation or not. A course to cover when to join SAG-Aftra, how to create marketing materials that create a “brand” and teach you how to build and sell your brand. I wanted actors to learn the language of this business – ​because there IS one – so you can speak fluently to agents, managers, casting directors, writers, directors, producers, and show runners. When you don’t speak our language…we don’t respond.

I wanted to make the HWC course is simple to understand, with step-by-step instructions, that are easy to follow and have graphics and checklists for every phase of your career from Start to Development to Working in TV and Film.

I worked with my team for 2 years to create the Hollywood Winners Circle content, recording 65 videos of me explaining straight-forward everything an actor needs to know – giving out the ​same information that we Agents and Managers confidentially give our privileged, signed clients. Information new actors often never hear of and have to spend years figuring out on their own. I wanted to you ALL to avoid being taken advantage of by people, or misinformed by people who have not accomplished what you are dreaming of – or have no idea what they are talking about. I tell it like it is… always with LOVE but I don’t sugar coat it. You need the FACTS if you are going to make it in this crazy business.

With this intention ​The Hollywood Winners Circle​ Online Course was born! Whooo Hooo!

Today for the first time in the history of Hollywood an actor can sit down in front of a computer anywhere in the world and learn from a Talent Manager whose actors are working in TV and Film, HOW to build your acting career step-by-step. What a difference technology makes!

I coach over 40,000 actors worldwide on You Tube, in class I teach around the world and in my Facebook group Talent Managers For Actors. The actors that ​follow my directions and that are taking this course are getting Agents, Managers, and landing jobs in TV and Film. They are LIVING their dreams and you can too. For the past 6 years I have delivered the most honest, reliable guidance for actors in the world.

Hear me when I say…I genuinely care about your dream. I care about you and I want you to be your BEST and have everything you dream of. You only have ONE life and I want you to be the person you dream of becoming. With my help you can be. Take my encouragement, my support, love for you, my extraordinary online course and make your dreams happen for you. You can do it…I believe in you!


BIO: ​i​s a Hollywood Talent Manager, president of WAW Entertainment and creator of the The Hollywood Winners Circle, an online course for actors. For 20 years she was a recording artist, actor, and music producer, and is now the author of seven books called, “Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager.” Wright teaches the business of acting all over the country.

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