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How it works

How does it work?

Although there are many functions our app provides, our main features are rehearse now, self-tape and read for others.
When an actor wants to rehearse or self-tape they simply open the app up and click the rehearse now/self-tape icon in the menu bar. From there you’ll be guided through a series of windows that will bring you to a list of available ‘readers’. Choose who you’d like to rehearse or self-tape with and off you go.
When an actor wants to read for others to earn minutes of their own (which can also be cashed in for prizes, we will get there) they simply open the ‘read for others’ icon in the menu bar, set their availability time and be alerted when an actor wants to rehearse.

How Do I Rehearse or Self-Tape?

AT makes it super easy to rehearse or self-tape anytime you’d like. Simply click the ‘rehearse now / self-tape’ tab in the menu bar and you’ll be asked how many minutes you’d like to rehearse / self-tape. After you adjust the amount of time you need, the app will notify all the available actors across the world. Once you scroll through and find the right person you’d like to run lines with, you’ll click the ‘enter session’ button in their profile. You will automatically have 3 minutes to adjust the camera, move to a quiet area or finish your snack before it takes you to the live-video. If you don’t need the 3 mins, simply tap the ‘enter session’ icon again and be connected to the live-video right away.
Once you’re connected with your reader, you will see all the scripts you’ve uploaded from your email. Share the one you’d like to work on with the reader, click the ‘read text’ icon in the menu bar and you’ll see the script in the bottom section of the window. Change the view if you’d like, and end the session early if you’ve rehearsed enough. To self-tape, click the ‘rehearse now self-tape’ icon in the menu bar and the screen will change to record mode. Record, play it back to see if it’s good and send it instantly to any e-mail address you choose, right from the app.

How Do I Upload Sides / Script?

To upload from your phone, first open the document, then click on the forwarding icon and simply send it to the AT app. The document will automatically be saved to your user profile and will be accessible during the rehearsal / self-taping session. To delete a script / sides, you can either go into your user profile and delete, or during a session, swipe left on the document to delete it.

How Do I Read For Others?

If you have a little spare time and would like to earn minutes of your own by reading lines for another actor, just click the ‘Read For Others’ icon in the menu bar. From there you will be asked to agree to our terms of use. Click the accept button and submit. AT will send out a signal to the other members that you are available to read and you will be notified once an actor has requested to read with you. If you are still available to read, just hit the accept tab and be taken to the live-video stream. To open up the sides / script the actor has shared with you, click the ‘Read Text’ icon in the menu bar.

Why Should I Read Lines For Another Actor?

In order to earn free rehearsal / self-tape minutes of your own, which you can also cash in for prizes, you have to rehearse with your fellow actors. AT works on a trading system, every minute you run lines for another actor, you earn a minute of rehearsal / self-tape time of your own. For example, if you run lines with another actor for 10 minutes, you earn 10 minutes of your own rehearsal / self-tape time when you need it. You can also cash in these minutes for prizes through our in-app store. The more minutes you earn by reading lines for other actors, the more time you earn for yourself or the bigger prize you can cash in for.

How Does The In-app Store Work?

Our in-app store was designed to incentivise actors to help each other by reading lines for one another. For every minute you earn reading lines for another actor, you can cash in those minutes for various prizes offered in our store. The bigger the prize, the more minutes it’ll cost you to redeem. In other words, if it’s a slow season and audition opportunities aren’t coming, use your earned minutes to redeem prizes from our in-app store.

What Is The Chat Room?

The chat room was designed so AT members can ask each other questions, set up rehearsal times and create a tight-knit community that supports each other.

What Is The Friends List?

Once you’ve had a successful rehearsal session, you can add someone to your friends list. The friends list is designed to offer members the opportunity to only rehearse / self-tape with the people they want to. Instead of notifying all members that you want to rehearse or self-tape, you can choose to only notify people from your friends list.

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